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"We’ll have a movie night where we sit on the couch and wrap blankets around ourselves and watch movies, or we’ll go out to dinner, or we’ll cook. I’ll make a bunch of food, and because I live in the same building as Tyler H. and Tyler P. and Dylan, I’ll take it over and we’ll all have dinner together. It’s so much fun!" - Crystal Reed (Seventeen, 2011)

(Источник: yukimurs)

being human in beacon hills, that’s kind of a big deal. in case you haven’t noticed, around these parts, everyone is more than meets the eye. and when it comes to this unsuspecting ship, it might just sneak up on you. maybe allison has been playing cupid with her bow and arrow, or maybe stiles’ awkward flailing has finally paid off. whatever the reason, if you’ve fallen for this ship, we invite you to participate in STALLISON WEEK! seven whole days of stiles and allison! make graphics, make gifs, make mixes, make videos, write fanfic! do whatever it is your heart desires, and show the love for this ship! stallison week will be taking place MONDAY, MARCH 3 - SUNDAY, MARCH 9 so mark your calendars! it’s going to be a week to remember.

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